A preview of Eden.

Eden[1] is a multiplayer map that will appear in Starnet Eclipse. The map will be one of the two maps, alongside Spaceport, for the alpha release of the game.


Eden takes place on a large ship, similar to a cruise ship or super yacht, in the middle of an ocean. There is a sleek luxury-like architecture that can be seen around the ship, with decorative assets. One end of the ship has a large, curvy tree, and progresses with lamp posts on the side. In the background, mountains are faintly visible.

The map will have the ability to use a day and night cycle/feature[2]. It is currently unknown how exactly this system will work.



  • There are several boxes that say "JerkyXP" that can be found around the map, which are references to a real-life gaming-promoted beef jerky brand of the same name.[3]



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